Bathroom Accessories

Bathroom accessories need to work, design-wise, with the rest of the brassware and fittings. However, that can be interpreted as clashing colours, black contrasting with white or super-sleek contemporary designs being used in a traditional bathroom! The term ‘bathroom accessories’ can encompass all the little additional items  that you’ll have on display in your new bathroom, from candles to hand lotions in gorgeous containers – but here we’re concentrating on the practicalities.


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Some bathroom collections have an exhaustive range of accessories , but for the purposes of ticking off the list, we’re recommending you choose around four items. A wall-mounted toilet roll holder; a toothbrush holder/beaker; a soap dish or hand soap dispenser, and toilet brush. Of course, if you are including a bidet or have double basins, adjust the list accordingly.



Toilet roll holder

Wall-mounted models must be fixed professionally and securely; it’s the one item that will get wobbly very easily as it’s constantly in use! Ensure the spindle is easy to use and replace.

Soap dish

If you have counter-top space, a freestanding dish is a good choice; wall-mounted models can get knocked and if your chosen design has a drainage hold in the bottom it will drip onto the surface. A liquid soap dispenser is more practical – and can also be used for shampoo, conditioner and body lotions if you’re after a very co-ordinated look.

Toothbrush holder

We favour a plain beaker in ceramic or glass on the counter-top, but teamed with a toothbrush rack or holder which can be fixed to the wall.

Toilet brush

A toilet brush is a must-have, but something that’s not discussed very often! A ceramic brush container is a good choice, as it’s easy to keep clean and sparkling.

Towel Ring or Rail

Position a towel rail just above a radiator to air and warm towels without blocking the radiator completely; if a towel ring is your preference, the same rules apply as with a toilet roll holder – fix it into place accurately and with easy access.

Shower caddy

A shower caddy always seems like a good idea, but as with a toilet brush, be prepared to keep it absolutely clean and sparkling, wire and mesh designs tend to look scruffy if not properly cared for.

Robe hooks

A matching pair of robe hooks adds a gorgeous finishing touch to the new bathroom, especially if you add new fluffy towelling robes as well. Beware of having hooks that project too far, especially if they’re being used on the back of a door. It may be advisable to install a matching doorstop too, or have the hooks positioned on the wall, avoiding door/wall clashes.



Traditional bathroom accessories

Generally available in gold and chrome finishes, often with porcelain details – look at the St James Collection for the perfect interpretation of traditional bathroom accessory styles.

Modern bathroom accessories

The range of finishes is far more more eclectic and luxurious  in the contemporary ranges; a lot of the designs are very sleek and angular; modern finishes include black and rose gold metallic, as well as bright vinyls and acrylics.



Once your main suite, shower and tiles have been chosen, bathroom accessories can be seen as a touch of fun and frivolity. Look at colourful designs from stores such as Heals and The Conran Shop, once you have chosen your main items, the scheme can be updated with a change of accessories.