Bathroom Furniture

Bathroom furniture can be a delightful feature of both contemporary and traditional bathrooms. For contemporary looks, think along the lines of sleek, sweeping lines of minimalist cabinets providing copious amounts of drawer storage space, or tall, slim and elegant wall-hung cabinetry. Traditionalists can think along the lines of old-fashioned, wash-stand-style consoles, antique cupboards or even dressers in a spacious bathroom. Look at furniture as potential display space too, to enhance your colour schemes.



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Bathroom furniture has become standard issue in today’s bathrooms … we rarely think of a new bathroom as ‘just’ a three-piece-set, and most of us are in tune with the requirements for storage space, display space and of course, somewhere to hide the damp towels and laundry. Clever choices regarding bathroom furniture can fulfil all those needs – and of course, make the bathroom look fabulous too.




Freestanding bathroom furniture pieces are items such as individual cabinets, chests of drawers and cupboards; they are freestanding because they don’t need to be plumbed in, although some taller items should be fixed to the wall for safety. Freestanding pieces can be added to an existing bathroom scheme. Look out for small cabinets on castors – ideal if you need a space to park your wine glass whilst having a relaxing soak.

Built-In & Fitted

Built-in or fitted bathroom furniture works along the same lines as fitted kitchen furniture – the cabinets or units are specified and the layout planned so that everything fits in neatly and usually fills the alcoves or wall space. The basin will be within a cabinet or wash stand, the toilet will have a cabinet to hide the cistern (and the bidet may also have a back-to-wall cabinet). Wall-hung basins and toilets generally have fitted furniture surrounds. Ready-made cabinetry comes in standard widths – 45cm, 60cm, 90cm are widely used.



As previously mentioned, bathroom furniture fits broadly into two styles, contemporary/modern and traditional.


Designs can be colourful, utilising a variety of . Timber, laminates, solid surface, marble, glass and acrylics can all be involved – either for counter-tops or materials and finishes door and drawer fronts. A plain and simple cabinet can be given an ultra-modern look by choosing a super-bold colour, such as teal, black or aubergine. Don’t forget to include mirrors or mirrored cabinets in your modern scheme – as well as bouncing light around the room, a large mirror adds a very contemporary feel to a bathroom scheme.


Search out furniture and cabinetry in natural timber finishes such as pine, walnut and oak, perhaps with raised and fielded panels. The timber can be look-alike textured laminates or the real wood. Painted finishes are suitable choices too – either slightly distressed  or in a matt/satin finish … avoid glossy painted finishes in a period-style bathroom. An old-fashioned marble wash-stand is a perfect ‘traditional’ addition to a bathroom furniture scheme; even antique versions can be revamped with a new set of taps and an updated basin.



Save time and avoid disappointment by checking dimensions of furniture ranges you’re interested in online,  before visiting showrooms. Use the floorplan you’ve already made to visualise  your bathroom furniture ideas within the room. Remember that even if a piece of furniture will fit into the room, you still have to make allowance for moving around and ‘usability’ space – make sure there is enough room to open drawers and doors, and that the furniture item won’t get in the way of the shower door opening or getting into the bath. Avoid cramming too many pieces of bathroom furniture into a small room, the aim is to provide a good quantity of storage space, but not to overcrowd the room. Tall, dark pieces of bathroom furniture in a small room can look overpowering … choose paler colours and mirrored or gloss finishes to emphasise a sense of space and light.