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Décor Walther has been a byword for high-quality bathroom accessories, including lamps and mirrors, for over 40 years. Harald Walther founded a specialist bathroom shop in 1973, in Frankfurt, Germany with the aim of providing desirable and beautiful products to discerning clients.

Today, Décor Walther is one of the leading suppliers of luxury bathroom accessories, not just in Germany but throughout the world. Our philosophy of discreet luxury ensures our products are unique in the discerning international market. Our designs are timeless and understated, thanks to the intensely practical approach of our design team, working in partnership with our international production partners.

For the development and manufacturing of new products, we select the top experts within each field, according to the material, be it metal, glass, porcelain or wood brass. This approach allows our teams to be adventurous, innovative and flexible, accommodating individual production processes and actively seeking out new ideas. Our brassware is soldered, polished, galvanised and assembled by hand. As a result, the barely visible deviations that are characteristic of individual craftsmanship make all the difference to every item we produce.

Classic designs are never boring, they can promote a sense of well-being, and result in a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere in the bathroom. It’s the perfect result … a place to refresh body and spirit in soothing, peaceful surroundings. Beauty and quality is of paramount importance; our designs are perfectly executed and their longevity and finish reflect our standards of craftsmanship and care.

As a company, Décor Walther attains perfection through our collaborations with exclusive business partners. We work in partnership with selected retailers, bathroom and furnishing contractors and architects – with the sole intention of presenting and achieving the perfection of discreet yet luxurious bathrooms for our worldwide clients.




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