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The Sensia® Arena shower toilet is packed with state-of-the-art technology including app control.

Smart technology is continually evolving in the bathroom and, as a result, GROHE has developed the Spalet product category. The Spalet category uses smart technology to provide every toilet user with a comfortable, relaxing experience through its range of new shower toilets. The latest product in the category is the stylish Sensia® Arena, taking shower toilets to a new level thanks to its excellent cleanliness and superior technological features including app control.

The Sensia® Arena is designed to improve hygiene levels within the bathroom. This Spalet cleans and refreshes delicate skin using warm water from controlled spray arms without exposing it to the harshness of paper or chemicals. Each user can personalise their shower toilet experience, as all settings can be adjusted – from spray strength to the water temperature. The toilet stores its own instant water heater to supply unlimited amounts of warm water. The Sensia Arena has been designed with hygiene as a pivotal focus. GROHE’s new AquaCeramic technology creates a smooth hydrophilic layer on the surface of the toilet, which dirt cannot stick to. The product also features HyperClean surfaces, which uses naturally anti-bacterial ions to prevent 99% of bacteria. The new Triple Vortex flushing system also contributes to cleanliness. The model flushes from three water outlets at once, creating a powerful vortex that leaves nothing behind. The new system is also highly efficient as it only uses the water necessary, resulting in low water consumption. The spray arms have also been designed to improve hygiene standards, as they are made from an anti-bacterial material and are rinsed before and after each use.

Styled in the renowned GROHE Design Studio, the Sensia® Arena blends in smoothly with any bathroom décor. The design process was driven solely by user needs and aimed to tackle problems users face in the bathroom. The result is a sleek bathroom appliance that users will instantly feel at home with.

To help combat common bathroom annoyances, GROHE designed an innovative odour extraction system to keep any toilet smells away. The toilet features an Airshield around the bowl, which seals the air inside the shower toilet and a second vent draws the odours out of the bowl through a special carbon filter. The model also features a soft nightlight, so users no longer have to face a bright main light in the middle of the night.

Smart technology give users full control of all options and settings on the shower toilet. Smartphone users can also download the GROHE Spalet app, which lets the user programme their preferences to their individual profiles so that any Sensia® Arena toilet anywhere in the world can automatically deliver their preferred type of care. Wall-mountable for convenient access, the remote control unit allows the user to personalise the spray type, the water pressure and the temperature. Alternatively, these functions can be controlled on the side panel of the seat. The Sensia Arena has just been awarded a Gold Award in the Designer Kitchen and Bathroom Awards 2016, in the Innovation in Wifi and App technology category.


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