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A luxurious shower experience at your fingertips

GROHE is delighted to present a brand new, unique GROHE Rainshower® system featuring innovative SmartControl push button technology: the first of its kind on the market to offer on-off and volume control at the push of a button. Simply select and start the spray pattern by pushing a button on the sleek wall-mounted control. Turning the button allows the user to then choose the strength and volume of the water flow- putting a perfect shower experience for all the family at your fingertips.

GROHE SmartControl takes the idea of comfortable showering to a new level. The newly designed push button integrates both the ON-OFF function and the water volume control. To start the shower, simply push the button with the symbol for the head shower spray pattern or the hand spray. The anti-slip edges of the push buttons allows the user to adjust the strength of the water flow accurately, even with wet hands, for a perfect, personalised shower.

SmartControl allows you to pre-set the temperature of the water quickly and simply, to ensure a safe showering experience for all the family. The controls feature a SafeStop button, which limits the temperature to a maximum of 38 degree Celsius, unless deliberately overridden. GROHE’s TurboStat® technology ensures that the temperature is maintained, with no unexpected fluctuations and GROHE CoolTouch® prevents the surface of the shower from heating up, removing the risk of scalding.

GROHE SmartControl is available as part of a GROHE Rainshower® system comprising an innovative head shower and a hand shower set, with a variety of luxurious and invigorating spray patterns to suit the individual. Mix and match the patterns, which include PureRain Spray/Rain O2 Spray, relaxing TrioMassage spray, combining two powerful massage jets, and the dynamically “breathing” GROHE Bokoma SprayTM, for a truly personalised showering experience.

The lozenge shaped showerhead is designed with the human body in mind through its 360mm design.The lozenge shape mirrors an individual, shoulder to shoulder, to provide optimum coverage of water. The smoothly rounded and modern shape of the shower system looks stylish in any shower. There is also a safety glass tray to hold shampoo, shower gel and other body care products for ease of use.

As an alternative to the exposed installation, the head shower can also be mounted directly on the wall and combined with a hand spray set. This solution can be realised using discrete water fittings such as GROHE’s Grohtherm 3000 Cosmopolitan concealed thermostat with diverter, for a sleek bathroom. Smart Control delivers a “3D” showering experience, channelling the three German words of Drucken, Drehen and Duschen: push, turn, shower.



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