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Kast Concrete Basins parent company lowinfo was founded 18 years ago when London-trained fine art graduate Tim Bayes began exploring ways of using concrete in contemporary interiors. Working with this ‘liquid stone’ that was strong, durable and aesthetically pure, he was convinced that it could become the ideal material for interior surfaces and products.

Realising this vision took many years of development, researching and refining both the precise mix of the concrete and the complex casting process. Tim has grown his team and continued to innovate, pushing the envelope of how concrete can be used. Kast is the product of all these years of experience, condensed into a range of contemporary and sophisticated concrete basins.

Just a couple of miles from the world-famous Sherwood Forest, the Kast factory continues the rich industrial history of Nottinghamshire, employing the best designers and expert craftsmen. The factory is also home to a research and development facility where specialist admixtures, tints and casting processes are tested to bring you outstanding strength, durability and silk-smooth finishes. From this base, Kast basins can be delivered throughout the country and across the world in days.

If their exclusive concrete mix is about what they put in, their distinctive designs are about paring down the form, leaving simple lines and elegant, contemporary solutions. Kast straddle the divide between the creative craft and the machine modern, delivering a range of products that marry high end design with exceptional performance.

While producing basins for the residential and domestic market, Kast also work closely with architects on commercial projects with discerning global clients. Suitable for any commercial, residential or domestic development, Kast offer a solution for all whether small scale or large.

That’s why when concrete is specified, the natural choice is to choose Kast.



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