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Established in 1979 and still a family-owned company, Roper Rhodes has over 35 years’ experience of creating beautiful bathrooms. Based in beautiful Bath, a city with a strong association with bathing since Roman times, perhaps their continued successful growth is no coincidence. The business has a very strong value set too and, through the Roper Rhodes Foundation, it is a dedicated supporter of charities and the arts.

While their product designs draw on influences from around the world, there is always something distinctly British about a Roper Rhodes bathroom. Perhaps it’s because their in-house design studio is based in Bath. Or maybe it’s because they understand the British obsession with the home. But to be honest they feel it’s something a little more elusive than that. It’s the unmistakeable feeling of quality and understated elegance whenever you use their products. That’s what really sets Roper Rhodes apart and makes them the quintessentially British bathroom company.

Take nine designers, a crack team of marketers, years of experience and thousands of original ideas. What do you get? The Roper Rhodes bathroom portfolio – packed full of beautifully conceived and exceptionally finished bathroom products. With Roper Rhodes, form and function sit perfectly side by side. All their products are built to last and designed to delight! And it’s all thanks to their designers. It’s their job (dare they say obsession?) to design bathrooms that are out of the ordinary, and that really stand the test of time.



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