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Established in 1921, Valadares is Portugal's oldest sanitary brand. After 95 years, the brand continues to be associated with top quality and innovative design and its products continue to be at the forefront of material development that allow ceramic and porcelain to be stretched to new limits. Valadares is present in over 50 countries having been in the UK for the past 20 years. However, it is in the last 3 years that the brand's activity has taken more prominence in the UK, ever since the new management introduced changes to the structure and vast premises located in Porto, Northern Portugal, and took on a new more dynamic role.

Valadares staunchly believes that innovation is not an enemy of tradition which is why their products are still hand-made in order to ensure the top quality that characterise them. Additionally, all the processes, from design and mould creation to raw material preparation and firing, take place in-house which explains why the brand is one of the very few in the market which give a 20 year guarantee on all of its sanitary ceramic products.

Another characteristic that makes Valadares stand out is the fact that they are able to produce turn key products for individual projects whether commercial, residential or hotel related. The team can closely work with any project design team and create unique solutions that can easily be specified in emblematic places such as the Shard, The Ned hotel and The Palm, Dubai.

Valadares' products can be found all over the UK through the prestigious partnership with another Centennial company, Nicholls & Clarke Group.



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