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We largely consist of the element water; it is what keeps us alive. It is the source of freshness and purity. However, not only is water cleansing but it also gives us a sense of wellbeing – whether we enjoy it in the form of a relaxing bath or a gentle massage. The modern bathroom is increasingly becoming an oasis of wellbeing. In the past, this did not include the WC, but this is now about to change.

Villeroy & Boch sets trends in bathroom design and culture in Europe. With ViClean-U+ and ViClean-L, we are now adopting what has long since been the norm in Asia: Shower toilets , the clever combination of WC and bidet. Water rather than paper is used for cleaning, resulting in a completely new, confident feeling of cleanliness. Discover the cleansing power of water – and an inspiring new bathroom culture!



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