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Inspired from French decorative arts, Volevatch has been a designer of fine bathroom fittings, perpetuating a unique and genuine know-how over the past 40 years, magnified by talented craftsmen mixing passion, tradition and modernity.

Craftsman, restorer, collector, manufacturer, artist, designer and entrepreneur Serge Volevatch, this son of Russian immigrants has become the custodian of an exceptional and unique sanitary heritage. He has acquired hundreds of rare pieces at antique shops.

As historical expert on the art of bathroom design, he is called upon to impart his encyclopaedic knowledge: the head curator of the Palace of Versailles asked him to provide an 18th century tin-plate copper bath tub to complete the restoration of Marie-Antoinette's bath quarters. The piece was painstakingly restored and is now exhibited at the palace.


Prompted by a Russian client with a penchant for the French Enlightenment and extravagant ornamentation of the Palace of Versailles into his own bathroom, Serge Volevatch came up with these beautifully chased fixtures, inspired by the decorative patterns of the 18th century. Against industrial production, Volevatch cultivates rarity and perfection. Within its workshop located in the Vimeu region, bespoke pieces are hand-crafted to meet the most demanding client’s desires.

Serge Volevatch has seduces an exclusive clientele made up of celebrities, aesthetes, owners of luxury homes. One of his major works is the extraordinary bathroom he created for celebrated dancer Rudolf Nureyev, which was designed for the artist's Parisian apartment on Quai Voltaire. It features a sculptural network of pipes alongside fixtures from the 19th century. Its famous treasures include Gustave Eiffel's cast iron bath tub and Guillaume Apollinaire's buffed patina mahogany washstand, crowned by a silver-plated copper basin and a set of silver taps.

Serge Volevatch is able to seamlessly combine items from different centuries. Paying the utmost attention to finish, he produces exceptional bathroom fittings to the highest professional standards, in conjunction with the most talented craftsmen. Together, they ensure that the techniques inherited from French craft tradition are upheld, preserved and perpetuated. Serge Volevatch's priorities are to restore the value of handwork, to recruit and train a new generation of craftsmen to develop their imagination and create truly exceptional works.

To support the firm's development in compliance with the most stringent sanitary standards, Serge Volevatch, his son Igor and his step-daughter Nathalie, backed by a team of around 50 talented craftsmen, are devising new technical solutions to produce ever more innovative artisanal creations that showcase exceptional craftsmanship that is a million miles away from industrial mass production.

VOLEVATCH bathroom fittings can be found in the world's most beautiful homes, châteaux and palaces. Having opened its flagship store in Paris in 1994, VOLEVATCH continued its expansion by inaugurating its showroom in Cannes and recently in Shanghai.

Recognised as a living heritage company (Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant) since 2006, Volevatch is also registered in the rare arts and crafts list of UNESCO to safeguard the intangible cultural heritage of humanity.



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