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Creating a Cloakroom Bathroom

Planning Advice

By Johanna Chevallier

Downstairs cloakrooms are certainly achievable if you have space under stairs or next to a kitchen (which makes it easier for plumbing). However, before you start planning there are certain regulations and design tips you need to bear in mind.

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Building Regulations

Under building regulations in the UK you require permission to install a new toilet and, if you have a toilet, you must also have a small basin with hot and cold water. The total width of the room should be at least 1 metre wide - this is the minimum recommended room to use a toilet comfortably. Your cloakroom must also have a window that can be opened or good ventilation (which makes perfect sense to us). The smallest cloakrooms must still have at least 600mm-700mm between the door and edge of the toilet seat and so it may help to fit your door so that it opens outwards, or consider installing a sliding door.

Maximise your space

There are lots of great space-saving sanitary ware available these days. From compact toilets (which can be up to 20cm shorter than average) to corner basins, you can fit a little bit more in. Also, if you try to keep your toilet and basin wall-hung, thus showing as much floor as possible, then your space will look bigger. 

Go bold

Just because it's a small space, don't hold back on your design ideas. Spend a bit more on a feature basin or beautiful taps or even a funkier wallpaper than you would consider elsewhere.

Light it well

If your cloakroom doesn't have a window, make sure you put in enough lighting so that it doesn't seem dark and dinky. Create a softer mood with vanity lighting around the mirror or soft spotlights. Resist the temptation to go too bright, which will only result in bright lights shining directly into your eyes. As your space is small, bear in mind regulatory lighting zones, which we blogged about here.

Don't forget heating

Remember to leave room for a small radiator or an even more convenient towel warming radiator. To save the maximum amount of space, you could also consider underfloor heating.

Creating a Cloakroom Bathroom

Johanna Chevallier

Johanna has developed a passion for interior design after working in hospitality at one of Paris' leading hotels. Always eager to learn more, Johanna is multi-lingual in English, French and Swedish. She understands that technology is changing the world we live in and loves that her work at Foam & Bubbles is contributing to this change.

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