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Our 5 Favourite Roll Top Baths

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By Tamsin Allen

There is nothing more luxurious than lying back in a roll top bath full of bubbles at the end of a tough week (with a glass of wine, preferably). And while they used to be seen as heavy and cumbersome, these days roll tops come in many shapes, sizes and materials, so you can find the perfect fit for your bathroom. Here are 5 of our favourite roll top baths.  

Our 5 Favourite Roll Top Baths

First up is the beautiful ‘Hamptons’ roll top from Fired Earth, which is made from composite stone and does not have tapholes. This means you will have to install floorstanding or wallmounted taps, so allow for that too in your bath installation timings.

Our 5 Favourite Roll Top Baths

If you like the look of the first bath, but need something that weighs a little less, try the ‘Orford’  bath from Heritage Bathrooms.  Made from a more lightweight acrylic, it is a third lighter than the ‘Hamptons’ bath.

Our 5 Favourite Roll Top Baths

For a more traditional look, choose Heritage Bathrooms’ ‘Dorset’ cast iron bath. With a 25 year guarantee and chunky French styling, this classical beauty is definitely a worthwhile investment.

Our 5 Favourite Roll Top Baths

And of course, no roll top bath post would be complete without at least a couple of metal baths - and these two, from William Holland, are just perfect. The bath above is the ‘Bateau Bath’ in Stanneus finish and below is the super-luxurious ‘Alvius Bath’, also in Stanneus. But at 1625mm square, install only if you can handle all that luxury!

Our 5 Favourite Roll Top Baths 8

William Holland - Alvius

Our 5 Favourite Roll Top Baths

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