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Utopia Roseberry Collection

Buyer's Guide

By Avinash Doshi

Utopia Roseberry Collection 01

It’s beautiful, versatile and brand new! The new Roseberry Collection includes fitted, freestanding and modular furniture in “six on-trend shades” - represented by 8 different looks. Below are my top 4 style picks.

Lets begin with “Coastal charm”. This look incorporates two main colours, Blue Lagoon and Cotton White, which mix together to mimic the cool freshness of the seaside. The colours create a soft, gentle look, perfect for a family bathroom. 

Utopia Roseberry Collection 02

Utopia - Coastal Charm


“Period Glamour” brings Clotted Cream fitted furniture and gold features together to create a fabulous, striking bathroom which simply “oozes opulence and splendour”. A glamorous chandelier and crystal knobs complete this glitzy look. 

Utopia Roseberry Collection 03

Utopia - Period Glamour


Our third favourite look is a charming and exotic “Eastern Promise” which is “inspired by the intricate patterns” and “ornate details” of the Kasbah. The dove grey calms the bathroom, creating a tranquil sanctuary. 

Utopia Roseberry Collection 04

Utopia - Eastern Promise


Get the look: If you are trying to create this look, stock a range of Mediterranean theme tiles in their Marrakech Collection which would make any “Eastern Promise” bathroom look authentic, timeless and traditional.

Utopia Roseberry Collection 05

Fired Earth- Marrakech Tinmel Tile


Utopia Roseberry Collection 06

Fired Earth- Marrakech Targa Tile


Utopia Roseberry Collection 07

Fired Earth - Marrakech Asni Tile


“Industrial Vibes” fuses an edgy industrial vibe with chic country, creating a coordinated, vintage vibe. The Peacock Blue softens the harsh appearance of the exposed brick wall, anchoring this look in a modern bathroom setting.

Utopia Roseberry Collection 9

Utopia - Industrial Vibes


Click here to view the entire Roseberry collection

Utopia Roseberry Collection

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