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How to Create a Vintage Style Bathroom

Planning Advice

By Tamsin Allen

Vintage bathrooms don’t just have to be shabby-chic inspired, they can be sumptuous environments with pretty elements. It’s a very feminine look but one that sits well within a lot of architectural styles. Here’s how to create the look.

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Choose traditional sanitaryware

To create a vintage look, don’t choose graphic, slick sanitaryware, instead choose curved traditional pieces, like this beautiful roll top bath and matching basin. If you want to add colour to your room, you can also paint the side of the bath.

Use warm lighting

Install wall lights instead of bright overheads to create a softer, more atmospheric feel. Take it even further by keeping candles in the bathroom, ready to light.

Keep materials organic

The texture of these floor tiles is perfect for a vintage look – organic and softened by irregular edges. The grey and cream colour scheme also adds to the vintage feel.

Add accessories

A rattan chair is a perfect accessory for a vintage look. It is a retro material that has recently been used in more modern ways, like this structured armchair.  It makes the scheme look vintage without being dated.

Choose your brassware carefully

Shiny chromes aren’t quite right for a vintage scheme but brass, pewter and nickel are much softer, warmer colours which look more harmonious.

How to Create a Vintage Style Bathroom

Tamsin Allen

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