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Sebastian Conran introduces VitrA’s Eternity Collection

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By Kevin Mullaney

Foam & Bubbles recently had the pleasure of interviewing world renowned designer Sebastian Conran, getting his take on bathroom design and the inspiration behind VitrA’s elegant new Eternity Collection which debuted at Sleep 2017.


Can you tell us a little more about the collaboration with VitrA and the Eternity Collection?

We spent about the three years working on this range, getting it exactly right and testing forms. What we hoped to do was recapture the Edwardian elegance of the bathroom but in a 21st century manner. There is a lot of attention to detail. For example, there are these little finger surfaces which make them easy to clean, easy to maintain and we’ve opted for a polished bronze finish which we feel is not just on trend but soft and gentle.

VitrA Eternity Sebastian Conran2


I love the use of teak, the hardwoods. Is that something you felt was missing from the bathroom, the organic aspect you wanted to bring to the collection?

Yes, we are trying to incorporate natural materials to reflect the fact that you’re in the natural state in the bathroom.

I’ve noticed a few clever tricks in your designs, were there a few things you think were missing from a functional point of view in the bathroom?

It had always bothered me with cylindrical towel rails the towels would always fall off. So, we’ve created this D section which has these two edges which creates just a bit more friction.  

VitrA Eternity A44878EXP


The Eternity Collection was designed to fit both in the hotel and home environments. What can people learn from hotel design that they can bring into their own homes?

When you’re designing for hotels you are designing things that can be cleaned every day, they need to be a lot more robust and things need to be straight forward and easy to understand.

For more information take a look at the Eternity accessory range today.

Sebastian Conran introduces VitrA’s Eternity Collection

Kevin Mullaney

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