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By Tamsin Allen

Wetrooms are definitely one of the great advancements of modern civilisation – space-saving and time-saving, they are a definitely to be considered when planning your bathroom renovation.

A wetroom is defined as “a bathroom in which the shower is open or set behind a single wall, its floor area being flush with the floor of the rest of the room and the water draining away through an outlet set into the floor.” With the correct preparation a wetroom can be installed anywhere in the house; your bathroom will first need to be ‘tanked’, i.e. fully waterproofed with tanking material, and fully tiled. It’s a longer process, but the effect is worth it. In a large bathroom, it creates an even greater illusion of space and in a smaller bathroom, it makes the very best use of space. Here are 6 of our favourite wetrooms, from organic to super-luxe. 

Wetrooms 01

Wetrooms 02

Wetrooms 03

Wetrooms 04

Wetrooms 05


Tamsin Allen

Tamsin has a background in design, art direction and advertising and a love for interiors, helping build the Foam & Bubbles brand and managing all their social media channels is a job that never gets tiring for Tamsin. Creating a brand that strives to provide a unique experience with a light-hearted attitude continues to be fun to work on every day.

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