Accessories – the importance of the ‘little things’

As we all know, it’s the accessories that make a difference – whether you’re talking about outfits or interior design! A plain and simple scheme (or outfit) can be lifted and given the ‘wow factor’ by a clever choice of accessories. So, we have no hesitation whatsoever by pointing bathroom planners and designers in the direction of Marflows’ St James Collection of Accessories

St James Collection - Bath tap
Once you have chosen the main components for the bathroom scheme (we’re talking taps, shower fittings, toilet handles and so on) the next consideration is for the accessories. It’s quite surprising how many accessories the ‘smallest room’ in the house can require. A cloakroom is likely to get away with the addition of a towel ring or rail, a toilet roll holder, a soap dish and perhaps a mirror. On the other hand, a family or en-suite bathroom is likely to need a bath or shower basket, a shelf or two, and maybe a towel-rail-radiator as well. The best advice is to take your time when making the list. Work out where every item needs to be positioned. A towel ring needs to be within easy reach; a shower basket should be accessible and in a convenient place for cleaning and sorting. Ensure that the toilet-roll holder is securely and professionally fixed to the wall, and that it is positioned correctly at a convenient height. Find an unobtrusive corner for the loo brush too. There’s nothing worse than having these items tucked away in an awkward spot!

St James Collection - Toilets
A word of caution, however. Don’t scatter accessories too widely, each item needs to be perfectly positioned so it has a logical and convenient ‘home’. Adding too many items will make the room look like a catalogue or brochure! The quality of St James’ accessories means that these choices will live in your home for a long time – they have a 10-year guarantee and are manufactured using top quality British brass and porcelain for the handles.

St James Collection Accessories
One of our favourite accessories is the Heated Towel Rail, which is available in several configurations, from standard width to narrow/tall width, with cast-iron ‘radiator’ fins, or just as a simple all-chrome model. So there is a model to suit a very traditional home (look at those with fins), a model for a classic room setting (look at the Victorian hobby-horse design), or for a simple, less ornate look, take a glance at the ladder towel rail. A warm and cosy bathroom, cloakroom or en-suite is an absolute must, and the St James Collection of heated rails and radiators will help to keep the family warm and comfortable. All models are suitable for closed and indirect heating systems, and are supplied as Dual Fuel models, which means each has an electric element to enable the radiator/rail to be operated independently of the central heating system. So, in a nutshell, you can have warmed and aired towels in the summer months without having to have the central heating system switched on.
Once the new bathroom is kitted out with the necessary accessories, take time to choose a striking paint colour or wallpaper. We love the concept of a bright or bold wall or tile colour, perhaps matched with some bright towels. All the accessories come in four finishes – Chrome, Antique Gold, Bright Nickel and Brushed Nickel, with a choice of White or Black porcelain stems where specified. Each finish would look fabulous against colours – think of shades like shocking pink, vivid turquoise, aubergine or charcoal grey.

Linda Parker

Article by Linda Parker

Linda is a freelance interior journalist who has worked for countless home magazines over the years, including Period Homes & Interiors, Grand Designs, Period Living, House Beautiful, Country Homes & Interiors, Beautiful Kitchens and Good Homes. She also writes content for brochures, press releases, blogs and websites. Linda has designed numerous kitchen and bathrooms for features and case studies, and is currently renovating and rejuvenating her house in Shropshire.



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