AquaSymphony - Introducing the ultimate in indulgent showering

There’s nothing quite like a vigorous shower to wake you up in the morning or take away the stresses of a hard day but what if your shower experience could offer something more? Something completely different… something that soothes the soul, stimulates the senses and immerses you in total relaxation from top to toe. Well now you can enjoy the ultimate in indulgent showering with AquaSymphony by Grohe. Taking showering to the next level, it offers the perfect blend of serenity and stimulation.

With AquaSymphony, the cleansing qualities of water are blended with the sights and sounds of coloured light and lilting music. Whether you wish to be relaxed, rejuvenated or reinvigorated, AquaSymphony provides the perfect wellness experience in the comfort of your own home.

AquaSymphony by GROHE
The headshower is designed to transform your bathroom into a luxurious home spa to invigorate all of the senses. Forget splashing out on a day at a health spa – who has the time and money anyway? Today’s savvy homeowners are investing in creating their own chic retreats that can be used and enjoyed every day, by the whole family and with AquaSymphony, you’ll benefit from five fabulous features…

• A statement showerhead with generous 1016mm x 762mm dimensions for maximum surface spray.

• Choice of spray patterns to suit your preference, from the Waterfall XL Spray creating the sensation of standing beneath an exotic waterfall to the eight dynamically pulsating spray nozzles of the Bokoma Spray for a stimulating massage sensation. There’s also a Rain Spray for large yet soft droplets, Drizzle Spray for a fine mist and Pure Spray for straight-falling water designed to rinse away stress like a clear mountain spring.

• Stimulate the senses with light, steam and sound. AquaSymphony by Grohe also offers a Light Curtain of rainbow coloured lights for soothing chromotherapy while you shower, Gentle Steam for a gentle detox and an F- digital Deluxe base unit box that can be synched up to any Apple or Android device, which means it’s all app controlled too.

• Design options are key to the flexibility of AquaSymphony, as its wide range of features can be used in any combination for a fully personalised water experience. You can even select your favourite colour, from red to pink to blue, to complement or contrast with your décor.

• AquaSymphony is part of Grohe’s luxury SPA® range, which means it can be used in partnership with other SPA® products for the ultimate home spa sensation. There’s the Sensia Arena shower toilet for one, which combines convenience, comfort and hygiene, ideal for future proofing the bathroom for the years to come.

AquaSymphony by GROHE

Part of the Grohe SPA® range, this oversized statement headshower delivers all-round indulgence and invigoration thanks to its built-in ambient lighting and sound system. At over one metre long, it offers flexibility and freedom with up to 12 different spray patterns, personalised mood lighting and digital controls.

This is the latest addition to the innovative Grohe F-Series, which also includes ceiling and side-mounted showers. For a shower experience you will never forget, think Grohe… think AquaSymphony.

AquaSymphony by GROHE

Hayley Gilbert

Article by Hayley Gilbert

Hayley has been an interiors journalist for 20 years and has written for leading consumer magazines, trade titles and Sunday supplements. Always keeping one step ahead of the latest trends, Hayley has researched, written about and renovated plenty of bathrooms, so she knows the importance planning and practicality.



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