The London Basin Company – Precious basins

It’s almost impossible to miss the beautiful, enchanting and precious designs on each individual basin from The London Basin Company.
Interior designer, Anna Callis recently founded the The London Basin Company alongside her daughter Nathalie. They have drawn inspiration from their travels to create 10 spectacular designs which work equally well in both a classic and contemporary bathroom. Each basin is guaranteed to bring any bathroom to life, giving it a focal point and making any visitors gasp in awe.
Multi-coloured porcelain basin with intricate patterns in emerald green and dark blue on both the inside and outside of the bowl.

The London Basin Company
Exquisitely designed basin in the shape of a blooming flower,  with “all-over” subtle crackle effect, giving a graceful finish.

The London Basin Company
White porcelain basin with an all-over royal blue floral pattern. Intricate, delicate and elegant design.

The London Basin Company

Avinash Doshi

Article by Avinash Doshi

At the helm of Foam & Bubbles, is the founder, Avinash Doshi. Previously the Finance Director of a leading online bathrooms company. Avinash’s ambition is to create a business that brings a unique experience to customers, showrooms and brands and refreshes the bathroom industry.



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