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Did you know that it’s National Spa Week from 30th October to 3rd November? Organised by the UK Spa Association to increase awareness of the mental and physical benefits of regular spa treatments, it’s a good reminder to regularly take time out to relax, rejuvenate and recharge. And what better way than with the wellbeing benefits of water? Dornbracht LifeSpa knows all about the importance of physical and mental balance. Along with regular exercise, plenty of sleep and a balanced diet, specific water applications can also have a meaningful contribution to keeping us fit and energised.

Dornbracht LifeSpaWarm bath - Pure relaxation for mind, body and spirit
LifeSpa offers tailor-made wellness solutions for the home as well as the professional spa sector. Your bathroom can become your own personal spa, offering a soothing sanctuary from the hectic world outside. Easy, convenient and ultra stylish to boot, what’s not to like?

Create your own healing Spa at home
Many of us suffer from everyday aches and pains but if you’re troubled by back pain from working long hours in front of a computer for instance, then Aquapressure can help. It works by using water to give a therapeutic back and neck massage, targeting the body’s acupuncture and pressure points for instant and long-term relief.
Dornbracht LifeSpaActivate your circulation and metabolism to aid greater mobility
Its origins lie in the healing art of Traditional Chinese Medicine, where the body’s meridians are stimulated in order to balance our qi life energy. It’s said that a balanced flow of qi is fundamental to our good health and peaceful state of mind. By using aquapressure in the comfort of your own home, you can alleviate those aches and pains while helping to prevent further conditions. Easy, quick and comfortable, simply integrate it into your daily shower and you’ll soon feel the benefits.

Aquapressure helps to circulate the blood more freely, stimulating the flow of energy and reducing the tightness of tense muscles. It can also help with getting a good night’s sleep, reducing stress and anxiety. What’s more, it can also boost your immune system by activating the body’s natural defences. Everything from tension headaches to back pain can be treated by aquapressure and now you can introduce this application into your very own bathroom for instant alleviation whenever you need it.

Shower solutions for stress-relief
Choose from a wide variety of flow modes to turn the simple act of showering or bathing into a new experience for body and mind. Raindrops make you feel as if you are showering in the open air; a cascade of water acts like a natural waterfall; laminar flow covers the skin in a crystal-clear spray pattern while soft and intense massage flow direct jets of water over the body where it’s needed most.

Dornbracht LifeSpaIntense massage flow - Ideal for water massage at home
Dornbracht LifeSpa is based on years of water application experience and its work with a network of experts in Kneipp therapy and hydrotherapy makes it the perfect choice when it comes to experiencing the life-affirming affects of water. Simply add a few fluffy towels, an oversized white bathrobe, a pair of slippers and you’re good to go.
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Hayley Gilbert

Article by Hayley Gilbert

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