Enjoy ultimate hygiene with Grohe’s Sensia® Arena shower toilet

A must-have for any contemporary bathroom, this Japanese-style toilet includes state-of-the-art functions for an experience that’s both hygienic and comfortable in the extreme.

Sensia Arena by GROHEGrohe Sensia Arena
Personal hygiene and health are closely linked, with water the most effective – and gentle – cleansing method. In fact, in many cultures, using water rather than paper after visiting the toilet is as natural as washing your hands. With Grohe’s introduction of its revolutionary new Sensia® Arena shower toilet, it is a trend that’s set to become increasingly popular in the UK – and deservedly so.

What is a Shower Toilet?
A shower toilet looks just like a normal loo, except that, at the touch of a button, it washes you with a warm, soothing, hygienic water spray and dries you with a warm-air setting. It can be used just like a normal loo, too. Better still, the Sensia® Arena has automatic functions that makes cleaning the toilet a thing of the past.
Sensia Arena by GROHEGrohe Sensia Arena

What makes the Sensia® Arena so hygienic to use?
The Sensia® Arena has a sensor that detects your approach, triggering either the lid only or the lid and seat to open automatically. It will automatically close, too, when you have finished. You can pre-programme the opening and closing setting via the remote control – or operate it with the remote control or seat control panel each time you use the toilet, meaning you don’t need to touch the toilet lid or seat itself.

The Sensia® Arena features two separate sprays for after you have used the toilet – one rear spray and one lady shower, activated via the seat control panel. Each spray has an adjustable position, pressure and temperature, and there are oscillating and massage spray options. Subsequently, you can use the warm air dryer function, which has three temperature settings, leaving you clean and dry after every use.

Is the Sensia® Arena itself hygienic?
Created to be 100% hygienic, the Sensia® Arena has a sleek, contemporary rimless design with nowhere for germs to hide, and a specially-hinged toilet seat that’s easy to remove for extra cleaning. The advanced AquaCeramic finish, coupled with the germ-resistant HyperClean coating, make every part of the shower toilet anti-stick, anti-limescale and anti-bacterial, meaning it is quicker and easier to clean than a conventional toilet.

That said, the Sensia® Arena needs little conventional cleaning. The automatic spray arms self-clean before and after each use and, along with the nozzle guard, have both been designed to be easily removed and replaced for occasional extra cleaning. The powerful, triple-vortex® flush system also covers and cleans the whole bowl every time you flush, despite its lower-water consumption. What’s more, this ingenious shower toilet has an odour absorption function to clean the air, too. All these functions work to banish 99.9% of germs, meaning you can be confident that your toilet is always clean and safe.

What does the Sensia® Arena cost?
The recommended retail price is just over £2,998, putting it at mid-price range compared to other quality shower toilets. However, with a little research, we have found it at a more favourable price.
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