Experience state-of-the-art design and technology with GROHE’s Sensia® Arena shower toilet

Grohe’s Sensia® Arena shower toilet is the perfect example of how modern technology can improve your entire bathroom experience. Designed with your comfort and hygiene in mind, its many user benefits are just part of the story.

Grohe’s Sensia® Arena shower toilet

Elegant design for contemporary bathrooms
The multi-award-winning Sensia® Arena shower toilet is the height of discreet elegance. Inspired by Japanese spa culture and designed with precise German engineering, its clean lines are fuss-free, streamlined and will complement any modern bathroom scheme with ease.
However, attention to detail is what really sets this particular shower toilet apart for its users. For instance, a discreet night light will guide you through the dark bathroom so that you don’t have to disturb the rest of the family by switching on the bathroom lights. A sensor that detects your approach will trigger the automatic open-and-close feature of the lid, which will then soft-close again when you have finished. There’s unlimited warm water for your comfort, thanks to the instant heating system, and even an automatic flush, which is activated the moment you move away from the toilet.  
User experience doesn’t stop there. The advanced AquaCeramic finish, together with the germ-resistant HyperClean coating, mean every part of the shower toilet is anti-stick, anti-limescale and anti-bacterial, making it much quicker and easier to clean than a conventional toilet. Not that you will need to pay much attention to housework – the toilet’s self-clean functions banish 99.9% of germs, so that it is always hygienic and safe to use. What’s more, the Sensia Arena’s innovative odour absorption, which works in combination with an Airshield, will keep your bathroom constantly fresh, too.

Grohe’s Sensia® Arena shower toilet

Technology you can personalise
While the Sensia® Arena can be used like a conventional toilet, by your children, perhaps, it also has extensive options so that each user can create a precise, personalised cleansing routine. A choice of water pressure and temperature, from soft and soothing to forceful spray, from fresh and cool to warming comfort, creates a perfect experience every time. The position of the shower arm can be adapted to your ideal, while your preferred spray pattern and cleansing cycle can all be individually set, too. All these functions are conveniently controlled with either the remote control or the panel mounted on the side of the seat. There is even an app you can download to allow each family member to store their favourite settings on a digital device, whether an IOS or Android.

Grohe’s Sensia® Arena shower toilet

What does the Sensia Arena® cost?
The recommended retail price is just over £2,998, putting it at mid-price range compared to other quality shower toilets. However, with a little research, we have found it at a more favourable price.

Lucy Searle

Article by Lucy Searle

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