Foam & Bubbles Meets Acquabella

Foam & Bubbles recently took a field trip to Italy to get some inspiration at one of the largest bathroom exhibitions in the world, Cersaie. This huge show featured some of the best and brightest bathroom designs from around Europe and we had a chance to catch up with one of our favourite show tray brands Acquabella.
We got a chance to speak with CEO Juan José and find out what’s new.

Tell us a little more about Acquabella for those who might not be familiar with the brand?
Acquabella is a Spanish bathroom company, we have been in business 25 years and are now specialised in shower trays and other bathroom products like vanity units, wall panels, show products and much more.

What’s new from Acquabella this year?
This year we are introducing at Cersaie, one of the most important bathroom exhibitions in the world, our new Focus shower tray range with the round waste, metallic finish.

What is the design ethos and inspiration behind Acquabella?
Acquabella has had a long tradition of being in the upper segment of the market, providing the most fashionable products for bathrooms so we get inspiration from natural textures. We have a variety of slate and stone but also leather looks and we keep enhancing our range to keep up with the most interesting and modern design trends on the market.

What sort of design trends are you seeing at the moment?
Clearly what we are seeing is a massive trend towards more comfort and safety in the bathroom, there is a lot of change happening with old bathtubs being replaced by large shower trays, with our largest being 2 x 1 meter. This means customers can be comfortable and safe, benefitting from anti-slip surfaces which can be customised with any colour you choose.

What has been attracting the most attention at your stall this year?
The most popular thing has been our new Focus show tray range because we have introduced an anti-slip concrete finish which is incredibly on trend and popular at the moment.

What would you say is the one thing you think everyone should have in their bathroom?
I would say the bathroom is one of the places where we spend most of our time each day and I think that the shower is much more efficient in terms of time and water consumption and I would say changing from an old bathtub to a new shower trey is clearly a trend in the south of Europe. Also we are seeing it in Germany and France, where we have a large market, and what we’re seeing is people want to have their shower in maximum space and comfort.

What tips would you give to somebody starting their bathroom refurbishment journey?
I would say that it’s quite important to understand what space they have available and take maximum advantage. If you take out the bathtub, which takes up a lot of space, and change it to a neat, glass shower tray, adding a very nice enclosure you are going to double the available space that you have in your bathroom. It is also not as expensive as you would imagine if you find the right dealer and the right advice.

Kevin Mullaney

Article by Kevin Mullaney

Kevin, Foam & Bubbles Head of Digital, is currently renovating his home in London. For his first project he has dived straight into the deep-end. Kevin has taken his house back to just 4 walls, adding a floor, a new roof, as well as 2 more bathrooms.



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