GROHE’s Shower configurator will help you find the perfect solution in seconds

Famed for its beautifully-designed, contemporary bathroom fittings, Grohe’s shower systems leave you just as spoilt for choice. From luxurious walk-in rain showers, ideal for wet rooms and en suites, to over-bath systems more suited to family bathrooms, and from design choices such as exposed or concealed pipework to how you control water flow, the range of options has never been greater. So, how to pick the best system for your bathroom? Using Grohe’s Shower Configurator is how.

GROHE Shower Configurator
1 - First choose the application
Using a simple tick box function throughout, your first choice is between a shower or over-bath system. So, if you do not take a shower in the bath, but have a walk-in shower or a shower cubicle, then a shower system is ideal. Alternatively, if you would like to have a luxury shower in your bathroom, but there is not enough space to create a walk-in shower next to your bath, you would opt for a shower system that you can use in the bath. With one of the two boxes ticked, your next options pop up on screen.
2 - Now choose an exposed or concealed system
If you choose an exposed shower system, renovation is simple. You can easily replace your existing shower set for a luxury shower system, complete with overhead shower and handset. The sliding handset holder makes it possible to set the hand shower at the ideal height for you. Chosen a concealed system instead? A built-in shower will give the bathroom a luxurious, modern look in which only the essential elements are visible. What’s more, because all technology is concealed behind the wall, the room will feel larger, too. A concealed shower set includes a luxury shower head with shower arm, hand shower, shower hose, wall connection and a Rapido T thermostatic valve.

3 - Choose your next option
As you proceed, the choices shown will vary. So, at this point, you might be given just one water control option – perhaps a thermostatic shower system – or you may be also be offered a shower system with SmartControl Operation or one with a diverter. What’s the difference? A thermostatic shower system is safe, reliable and water-saving, with the temperature kept exactly as you’ve set it, even if someone else is using water in your home. With innovative SmartControl, you can select your favourite spray type, and adjust the water flow and temperature as desired. The water reaches the correct temperature in a fraction of a second and remains constant throughout the duration of the shower. A shower system with a diverter is ideal to use for renovation, with your outdated shower set able to be quickly replaced and connected to your existing shower mixer.
4 - Continue following the options
Depending on preceding choices, you might next be asked to choose between water control options – do you want to fill your bathroom through the overflow or bath spout? Or, you may be asked which showerhead size you prefer. Select your favoured option to complete the tick boxes.
5 - Choose your shower
All your final options ticked? You will be given a list of product results. So, for example, if you opted for a bath/shower system, concealed pipework, and to fill your bath through a spout, you’ll be offered the sleek Grohtherm Cube bath/shower solution as one of your options. If you chose an exposed shower system with SmartControl operation, your first choice might be the Rainshower System SmartControl 360 DUO with thermostat for wall-mounting.  
Along with the results list and the option to view product details, there’s a showroom finder button, making buying your new shower just as easy as finding it.

Lucy Searle

Article by Lucy Searle

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