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The St James shower collection is perfectly calibrated to provide a completely suitable shower for every bathroom setting. Choose a shower for a luxurious en-suite bathroom, for a compact loft-conversion bathroom or for a main family bathroom, safe in the knowledge that the showering options from the St James Collection can cover every eventuality.

St James Collection Shower
If you’re on the lookout for an ultra-safe shower that can be used by older and younger members of the family with complete confidence, the type to look at is always a thermostatic mixer shower. The thermostatic cartridge technology used within the St James Collection makes the temperature control exact and accurate, and it won’t vary, even if a hot or cold tap is switched on elsewhere in the house. This means that once the temperature is chosen it won’t suddenly run hot or cold. St James Collection thermostatic showers also have dual control levers, allowing users to select the speed of flow and desired temperature using two separate levers. Choose between Traditional styling, which is perfect for re-creating an authentic Victorian bathroom, or Classical, which is an ideal combination of traditional and contemporary clean lines. Remember that there’s also a choice of concealed or flush-fitting valves, which can make updating an existing bathroom easier. And if you like to have a hand-shower to help with hair-washing or rinsing out the shower enclosure, choose a model with a diverter lever – which diverts the flow of water from the overhead or wall mounted shower rose to the hand-held shower with porcelain detailing. As an additional elegant touch, the flat plates for the concealed showers are -engraved.

St James Collection Shower
If a manual shower is going to be suitable for your new bathroom, the St James Manual Shower Valve is available in an exposed or concealed design and in all four finishes – chrome, antique gold, and bright or brushed nickel. Of course, every single item of their brassware is available in all four finishes. Remember, a manual shower valve doesn’t accommodate changes in water pressure (ie water being used elsewhere in the home), so the user may need to adjust the lever if the temperature rises or falls. The operating lever of the shower is a striking central feature, and comes in both styles (London and England), all four finishes and the black, metal or white options for the ‘handle’ itself. So … there is every opportunity to fine-tune your design choice to create the perfect scheme.

St James Collection Shower
For most of us, the epitome of a classic or traditional bathroom will be the choice of eye-catching shower rose. As the shower rose is such a focal-point, it’s essential that each one is perfect. Each one has a hand-spun finish, created and perfected by one of their specialist hand-finishing team. The St James Collection includes three roses, all designed to provide a perfect, drenching and refreshing shower, come in three sizes.  The largest is 12” diameter, for a real wow-factor look. If that’s a bit too dramatic, there’s a choice of 4”, 5”, 6” or 8” models. Of course, all four finishes are available. The finer design details include a skirted option, which has a slender lip around the edge; an easy-clean option with dimpled spray outlets, and a flat-faced dimpled design.  The final decisions to be made will be regarding the shower arms, riser rails and vertical drop shower arms (which are designed to allow the rose to be positioned overhead, descending from the ceiling).

St James Collection Shower

Always get competent and professional advice when replacing or updating your shower facilities; in most cases a manual shower is suitable for the majority of installations, and can be a good choice if you’re adding an ‘over bath’ shower to an existing layout. A thermostatic shower needs more consideration and will provide a steady shower with unvarying temperature, and as such, a thermostatic model is an excellent choice for a walk-in shower or new enclosure in a full-room revamp. For further details on choosing a shower, head to the St James Collection website here, and download a brochure. 

Linda Parker

Article by Linda Parker

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