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While bathroom trends may not move as fast as fashion fads, it’s likely that if you bought a bath a decade ago, there wasn’t even a fraction of the choice available that’s now on offer. Rather than default to a standard fitted bath boxed into a corner, try choosing one of the latest designs to give your bathroom a whole new aspect. Look out for the following on-trend essentials:
This Roca Eliptico bath in red comes with sleek, striking legsTraditional style reinterpreted, the Eliptico bath in red comes with sleek, striking legs, Roca
Freestanding vs fitted
There are lots of reasons to love a freestanding bath but previously, most designs were quite traditional and the large, deep sizes impractical for a compact room. However, a wider choice of freestanding baths has been a game-changer. Not only are there smaller tubs that can squeeze into tight spaces, freestanding baths now come in a variety of different guises, from sleek modern styles that sit directly on the floor, to designs in finishes ranging from gleaming nickel to industrial-style antiqued brass, with simple ball feet.

Shape shifters
Before you even start to think about what size of bath you want, remember that oval isn’t your only option for its shape. Decadently round, rectangular with modern square corners, double-ended bateaus and P-shaped models that give you more room to stretch out will also help make your bath into a real focal point. What shape your bath is can also be used as a design tool. Segment-shaped corner baths are great for making the most of the space in a small bathroom, while recessed sunken baths that you can step down into evoke a spa-like feel.
Kartell solid surface bath by Laufen has built-in chromatherapyThis Kartell by Laufen solid surface bath has built-in chromatherapy
Materials matter
Plastic and ceramic came to dominate the market at the height of the property renovation era but the last decade has seen a renewed appetite for the sort of baths that fit a forever home. Baths in classic metals, such as cast-iron, copper and brass, are increasingly popular as they’re strong, durable and good at retaining heat, while stone and mineral composites, the new kids on the block, are now just as common. Warm to the touch even when they’re not filled, they’re lighter than most and also retain heat well.

Turn on tech
Baths might not be the place for most of the tech that’s popping up in the modern bathroom but it certainly hasn’t been neglected. Massaging water jets in whirlpool baths, tubs that sense when they’re overfilled and let water out of the waste and those with music and chromatherapy lights built in are all now available for the ultimate in relaxation.

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