The Sanctuary – Evoke a sense of cultural charm

Evoke a sense of cultural charm with a bathroom influenced by the rich colours and materials of Asia – the ultimate retreat for rest and relaxation.
When designing a family home, there are many elements to consider. Practicality is key of course, yet it’s also important to think about emotion and atmosphere too. With multi-generational living becoming ever more popular, the most successful schemes evoke a sense of heritage, with a nod to rich ancestry from the subcontinent. Think vibrant colour, the rituals of bathing and showering and emulating childhood memories – the perfect combination for a healthy, happy home.

The Bathroom SanctuaryColour can bring vitality into the bathroom and this Hammered Pink Glass Mosaic from Tile Mountain is ideal for a walk-in shower area, priced £59.02 per sq m

Indian Influence
“Bathrooms are wonderfully versatile places within the home,” says Chris Payne, senior designer at Ripples, “which can be designed to reflect any cultural influence desired. Bathroom design presents us with multiple opportunities to illustrate this style. The vibrant colours and rich textures that are so visible in Indian culture can be interpreted into the individual components of a bathroom. When used with care and consideration, they will combine to create a vibrant and sophisticated environment. Manufacturers are now producing taps and showers in a terrific range of deep rich coppers, bronzes and golds. Tiles also offer wonderful options to introduce intricate patterns and beautiful colours to large, bold areas. Using indulgent natural materials such as marble can also complement and enhance these colours and textures.”

The Bathroom SanctuaryA statement basin with matching brassware will elevate the bathroom from boring to bling. Petracers Divino brassware in gold, from £600 at CP Hart

Asian Inspiration
The latest trends also include Japanese and Balinese styles, with Zen-like designs that promote mindfulness and wellbeing. “We’re now embracing the true beauty of nature,” explains Dan Cook, designer at CP Hart. “Natural finishes have seen a huge resurgence in popularity this year while curved edges and minimal detailing all add to the aesthetic of pared back design. The Japanese treated bathing as an activity to be enjoyed; any objects that weren’t needed for bathing were traditionally never kept in the same room, allowing the bathroom to become a truly holistic space.”

The Bathroom SanctuaryA large sized room could be transformed into a spa-style sanctuary with the Neutra Basaltina Easy stone bath, which costs from £47,800 at CP Hart

East Meets West
Luxury can be interpreted in many ways and for Asian design, it’s all about creating a distinct look with classical appeal. Think natural materials with rough hewn textures, raw wood, the natural veins of marble and slate, cool white schemes for ordered calm and jewelled mosaics and glass tiles. For an ultra indulgent feel, look to the more opulent materials and finishes of black lacquer, copper, brushed brass, gold plate and iron. Conjuring up images of hot summer months in the northern Indian state of Rajasthan, a copper bath from Hurlingham Baths evokes a sense of time and place where the days were endless and the mood relaxed and carefree.

The Bathroom SanctuaryThis Copper Bateau bath was manufactured in India for Hurlingham The Bath Company and features a luxurious nickel interior. It’s priced £3,350 and would make the ultimate statement piece

Bare Essentials
When it comes to fixtures and fittings, a large double-ended tub will provide a focal point within the scheme. Team with one of the latest waterfall taps for a cascading flow and surround yourself with flickering tealights and candles. Wet rooms and walk-in showers are functional as well as stylish, offering plenty of room with an easy access, flush-fit shower tray. Even WCs have taken their cue from Asian culture with shower toilets that incorporate everything from a heated seat and spray shower technology to automatic odour extraction, warm-air dryer and even a pulsating massage function.

The Bathroom SanctuaryUsing the same tile tones for walls and floor enhances a feeling of light and space. Premium Polished Cappuccino Marble, £29.99 per sq m; Cappuccino Marble Mosaic, £66.56 per sq m, Tile Mountain

Hayley Gilbert

Article by Hayley Gilbert

Hayley has been an interiors journalist for 20 years and has written for leading consumer magazines, trade titles and Sunday supplements. Always keeping one step ahead of the latest trends, Hayley has researched, written about and renovated plenty of bathrooms, so she knows the importance planning and practicality.



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