The complete beginner’s guide to toilets

Ever notice that in those beautiful bathroom images in magazines, you rarely see a picture of the toilet? Well that is because, despite it being a very necessary piece of bathroom kit, it is not the most desirable or inspirational. However, toilet design has come a long way over the years and whatever style or need you have, there is a stylish toilet to suit.

Here is our guide to the different types of toilet and some inspirational images.
Close coupled toilets

Close coupled toilet

The close coupled toilet is perhaps the most-seen toilet in bathroom design.  This is a type of toilet where the cistern is mounted directly on top of the bowl and is one unit. These toilets are easy to fit and especially recommended when fitting a replacement toilet. They really suit the look of traditional bathrooms but, as you can see below, many manufacturers have also created sleek modern versions.

Left to right: Saneux Matteo / Project; Heritage Dorchester; Ideal Standard Strada
Back to wall toilets

Back to wall toilets

Back to wall toilets are the very modern versions of the close coupled toilets. They can be an all in one unit, but sitting closer to the wall than a close coupled; or they can have a separate cistern, which is concealed in the wall (many people then create a handy storage shelf above the enclosed cistern). They are perfect in cloakrooms and ensuites where space is limited. If there is a separate cistern, you will need a joiner as well as a plumber to create the stud wall for the cistern to sit in. As you can see there are funky versions available today, including the very unusual black toilet by Saneux, below.

Back to wall toiletsLeft to right: Saneux YLO; Ideal Standard Tonic; Ideal Standard Concept Air
Wall hung

Wall hung toilets
Wall hung toilets are pretty self-explanatory – using a strong support system (provided by the manufacturer), they are mounted on the wall, with the cistern completely enclosed. They create a very cool floating effect, which can be further emphasised by placing them on a dark background or with lighting (as some of our examples above show). They are great for giving the illusion of space in a smaller bathroom and giving a slick modern feel in a bigger bathroom.

Wall hung toiletsLeft to right: Saneux Jones Slim; Ideal Standard Tempo; Heritage Kharine

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