The must have in any modern kitchen – Grohe Red® Duo

Kitchens have been revolutionised in the last few years with the introduction of boiling water taps.
The installation of a boiling tap makes the task of filling up the kettle and waiting 3 minutes for it to boil a thing of the past. With a boiling water tap, making a cup of tea, blanching vegetables, sterilising baby bottles or anything else that needs kettle hot water is a simple and quick process.

Grohe Red® Duo
Grohe is one company changing the kitchen world and Foam & Bubbles had the chance to review the Grohe Red® Duo. The Grohe Red® Duo is a single kitchen tap providing filtered kettle hot water as well as mixed hot and cold water.

Installation is a straight forward affair for any plumber. The tap comes in three key parts, the tap, providing hot cold and boiling water, the 4 litre tank, supplying the boiling water, and the filter, which feeds filtered water to the tank. It should take no more than a few hours to install. You will need plenty of room under the sink to fit the filter and tank, as well a socket for the hot tank. It took our fitter under 3 hours to install and cost £175 for the installation.

The Grohe Red® Duo comes in two designs, round and square, and in two finishes, chrome and supersteel. We initially found the round chrome Grohe Red® Duo much larger than our previous mixer, however, we soon realised the extra height made it easier to use for kettle hot water. The tap is also WRAS approved and has therefore gone through mechanical and water quality testing.

The Grohe Red® Duo provides kettle hot water within a couple of seconds from its 4 litre tank. The tap has the Grohe CoolTouch® technology which insulates the tap so there is no risk of being burned when holding or touching the tap. It’s easy to use whether you need a cup of coffee or cooking pasta for the family.

Before the tap was installed, we were concerned with the possibility of scalding. However, Grohe Red® Duo is child-safe, boiling water can only flow when the boiling water handle is pulled and turned. As soon as you let go of the handle it returns to its original off position and the boiling water stops flowing.

Grohe Red® Duo

Filtration System
The Grohe Red® Duo has a five stage filtration system, which filters our heavy metals. Such as lead and copper, and removes substances which impair the smell and taste, such as chlorine. The filter provides 600 litres of great tasting water and can replaced with 600, 1500 and 3000 litre filters.

Grohe Red® Duo
The RRP of the Grohe Red® Duo is just over £1,650, putting it in a similar price range to other quality mixer and boiling water taps. However, with a little investigation you can purchase the Grohe Red® Duo tap at a more favourable price.

The Grohe Red® Duo’s size may make it look out of place in a small kitchen, but, its ease of installation and use, combined with its unique filtration system make it a must have feature in any modern kitchen.

Avinash Doshi

Article by Avinash Doshi

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