Tile Makeover Winner Announced!

As part of National Tile Week British Ceramic Tile was giving away £1,000 of tiles to a Foam & Bubbles follower who desperately needed to update their bathroom. British Ceramic Tile asked celebrity interior designer Julia Kendell to pick the winner out of hundreds of great entries.
Here’s what she had to say, along with a few bits of advice for the lucky winner Marta:
“It was tricky to pick a winner from so many deserving bathrooms! I have chosen Marta’s bathroom as it has clearly not been refurbed since the 1960s. Infact, I remember we had the very same tiles when I was a child, and that’s a VERY long time ago!”
Tile Makeover winner
“The room is light and bright which is a bonus. This also means you can choose tiles with a depth of colour without closing the space in too dramatically. The ‘Henry Grey’ matt patterned tile would create a very interesting floor combined with a matt white or grey wall tile. A matt finish produces a softer effect than gloss which can be harsh in a brightly lit environment. If you’re feeling adventurous, try the new ‘playful pattern’ trend, a seen on my blog here. The energy of this type of design can transform a dull, ‘boxy’ space into an uplifting and energising place to start the day. Good luck with the transformation!”

Henry Tile by British Ceramic Tile

Luna in Grey or White 
Luna Grey Tile by British Ceramic Tile


HD Harmony
HD Harmony by British Ceramic Tile

Kevin Mullaney

Article by Kevin Mullaney

Kevin, Foam & Bubbles Head of Digital, is currently renovating his home in London. For his first project he has dived straight into the deep-end. Kevin has taken his house back to just 4 walls, adding a floor, a new roof, as well as 2 more bathrooms.



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