With consumers more eco-aware than ever, Grohe delivers a wide range of water-saving products to help conserve water and energy

As the trend for eco-efficient products expands throughout the home, Grohe is answering demand with a wide selection of sanitaryware, brassware, fixtures and fittings that help us conserve energy and water on a daily basis. Research from the Bathroom Purchase Report has revealed that more and more consumers are actively seeking out products with water and energy saving features when redesigning their bathroom. Here’s how Grohe can help…

Water saving flush systems
One of the simplest ways to save water is to install a WC with a dual-flush cistern. Designed for wall-hung and back-to-wall toilets, Grohe’s concealed dual-flush allows the user to choose how much water to flush, greatly reducing annual water consumption. A large flush uses 6 litres while a small flush, just 3 litres and you can also adjust the flush to a reduced volume of 4.5 litres and 3 litres. To complete the look, Grohe offers a stylish selection of flush plates to match, which can be installed horizontally or vertically to complement surrounding tiling.

Water saving showerheads
Selecting the most efficient showerhead can dramatically reduce the amount of water your household uses. Grohe EcoJoy™ hand showers come with either an integrated flow limiter or an Eco button or spray dimmer, which lets you choose when to reduce water flow. Check out the Rainshower® Icon, Eco and Solo designs, which feature an Eco button on the handle – simply slide when using and reduce water use by up to an impressive 40% without reducing your enjoyment of an invigorating shower. Or take a look at the Euphoria hand shower, which has a spray dimmer that allows you to gradually reduce the volume and switch between spray patterns.

Water saving taps
As well as helping to conserve water, Grohe’s latest innovations can also save energy too, reducing utility bills while doing your bit for the environment. Its EcoJoy™ taps for instance feature a flow-limiter with aerator for voluminous water flow at just 5.8 litres per minute. There’s even a temperature limiter to help cut energy bills even further.

Water saving thermostats
A shower thermostat is essential for safety and comfort, maintaining temperature to avoid accidental scalding. Many Grohe designs come with an Eco button to reduce flow rate by 50%.

Water saving innovations
As well as all the above products, Grohe has also broken new ground with its smart home water security system that lets you know via an app if your home is threatened by water damage caused by a flood, leak or burst pipe. The Sense and Sense Guard can even remotely shut off the mains water supply and keep track of energy consumption for appliances within the home. So now you can have peace of mind, whether popping out for the afternoon, heading to work or enjoying a well-deserved holiday.
GROHE Sense and Sense Guard
GROHE Sense and Sense Guard
 Grohe Sense and Sense Guard
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Hayley Gilbert

Article by Hayley Gilbert

Hayley has been an interiors journalist for 20 years and has written for leading consumer magazines, trade titles and Sunday supplements. Always keeping one step ahead of the latest trends, Hayley has researched, written about and renovated plenty of bathrooms, so she knows the importance planning and practicality.



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