Home is where the heart is, and when it comes to the bathroom, we all need a space which soothes the body and stirs the soul. That’s why we founded HiB - to help homeowners find their signature bathroom style and provide the ‘wow’ which comes from a beautifully styled interior. We believe in perfection made personal, and our extensive collection of bathroom products has eye-catching options for everyone. Whether their dream bathroom is cool and contemporary, traditional and timeless, or artfully avant-garde, our range of lighting, mirrors, cabinets and furniture helps our customers to create their dream design without compromise.


Over the last 27 years, HiB has created a seismic change within the industry. Before the brand’s inception, bathroom mirrors and cabinets were seen as add-on products. Today, as a result of HiB’s cutting-edge design, these pieces have been elevated to show-stopping ‘must haves’, revolutionising the bathroom sector to an unprecedented degree.


As an industry innovator, HiB pioneered technology such as LED lighting, steam-free mirrors and cabinets, built-in USB charging sockets and Bluetooth connectivity.


By constantly pushing boundaries, HiB has made a profound mark on the UK bathroom retailer market. In 2018, it was named Best Bathroom Accessory Brand for the third year running at the prestigious BKU Awards, a supremely impressive achievement within the industry.

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