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Imperial - a British company with very British values


Situated in Aldridge, a historic town in the heart of England famed for its rich history of clay and brick production, Imperial’s team of expert craftsmen utilise skills passed down by generations to make beautiful bathroom products from wood, clay and other natural materials.


Standing by their commitment to quality, Imperial offers a lifetime guarantee on all ceramic ware, so you can enjoy your new bathroom safe with the knowledge that it will last for years to come.


Since establishing its factory in Aldridge in 1988, the company has become one of the top 10 British manufacturers and a hit with consumers who recognise the unmistakable individuality of craftsmanship which can’t be achieved through machining alone.


Skilled craftsmen with 20 or 30 years’ experience of traditional hand-finished ceramic production are common among the small but closely-knit workforce. This type of hand-made ceramic ware relies as much on traditional experience as it does modern technology to produce top-quality products and Imperial use the best of both.


Unlike mainstream manufacturers who have supplemented aspects of their workforce with automation, Imperial keeps to the traditional basis of being hand made.


In the pursuit of perfection Imperial doesn’t stop at ceramics but established its own furniture production company for the design and manufacture of an exclusive range of hand-crafted bathroom furniture.


The full range of elegant styles on offer includes vanity units, wall cabinets, mirrors, bath panels, bath plinths and toilet seats. All are available in a variety of natural, stained or hand painted finishes and in different sizes that can be tailored to grace any Imperial bathroom.


Imperial buys wood only from the very best suppliers and it is sourced from environmentally-managed sustainable plantations, where careful forestry management ensures replanting to avoid replanting depletion of natural resources.

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