TOTO – celebrating 100 years in 2017


Kaizen -the philosophy behind the technology


TOTO is a leading Japanese manufacturing and innovator most famous for its pioneering bathroom technology including the world famous WASHLETTM shower toilet. An investor in research and development, TOTO pushes the boundaries of product design to the max, employing over 1000 designers. Its dedication to Kaizen – or continuous improvement – is a key idea in TOTO’s company philosophy. This Japanese concept is reflected in all its products. Kaizen focuses on constantly changing and improving processes over time.




At TOTO, rimless toilets have been part of the standard product range since 2002. Combined with the highly effective Tornado Flush and extremely smooth, long-lasting CeFiONtect glaze​, the rimless design makes TOTO toilets and WASHLETs true pioneers in the area of hygiene. TOTO’s range of WASHLETTM have the following added benefits:


Pre mist - ​The WASHLETTM ​sprays the ceramic with a fine mist of water. The reason: Less sticks to a moist ceramic surface than a dry one.


Ewater+ - Electrolysed processed water. Regular water is electrolysed to give it a slightly acidic pH value, which has an antibacterial effect. The ewater+ is completely environmentally friendly and can be returned to the water cycle without worry.


Warm water washing - The angle at which the water flows – 43° ​for rear cleansing and 53° for front cleansing – has been refined to perfection. It is the world’s most evolved toilet technology.


Heated seat - ​The temperature of the seat can be adjusted to suit individual preferences, and the smart energy-saving function automatically adapts itself to daily usage patterns.


Deodoriser - The air purifier ensures that the air around the toilet is kept fresh during and after use by passing it through a powerful, effective filter.


Warm air dryer - Once you have been cleansed by the warm water jet, the adjustable dryer will ensure that you end up feeling fresh and clean.


Actilight – TOTO’s Neorest WASHLETTM features its new Actilight technology. The ceramic bowl has a zirconium coated surface; when the lid is shut UV light is activated, triggering a photocatalytic process which helps the breakdown of waste. This, in conjunction with the super hydrophilic glaze and the WASHLETs other features and functions, keeps the toilet cleaner for a longer period of time.


Auto functions – TOTO’s range of integrated, automatic, sensor-activated functions, including the self-opening and -closing toilet lid, automatic air purifier and the self-activating flush. These auto functions not only provide ease of use and convenience, but also another key benefit: there’s no need to touch the toilet, increasing the level of hygiene in the bathroom.


Established in Kitakyushu, Japan in 1917, TOTO has been developing, producing and marketing its comprehensive high-end bathroom concepts for the European market since 2009. TOTO employs 28,000 people worldwide.


Visit the TOTO Concept Showroom at 140-142 St John Street, Clerkenwell, London EC1V 4UA to experience WASHLET technology firsthand, or see the full TOTO range online at .

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