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Bathrooms have the potential to be places for rejuvenation, recreation and relaxation, as well as for cleansing and grooming – a spa to enjoy daily in the comfort of your own home. With Grohe a tailor-made retreat is easy to achieve, and the premium fittings in the range offer functional and pleasing solutions for each of the experiences we expect from a spa bathroom.
What are the elements of a personal spa?
Grohe’s Spa portfolio follows the concept of Japanese bathing culture with Aquazones for each step. In the rejuvenation zone is the shower and it’s here that Grohe’s AquaSymphony and F-digital Deluxe (see below) turn cleansing and revitalising into a multi-sensory experience.

AquaSymphony by GROHEAquaSymphony
GROHE Shower F-digital DeluxeF-digital Deluxe
Daily cleansing takes place in the preparation zone, based around the basin. Select from the brassware of the Spa collections (see below) with wall-mounted, deck-mounted and floor-mounted taps to complement your choice of basin.

GROHE Essence Colour
The relaxation zone has the bath at its heart. Cocoon yourself in warm water in one of Grohe’s luxurious square or round baths, personalising your spa with the design you desire.
The recreation zone allows you to hydrate with sparkling, chilled and filtered water delivered by Grohe Blue.
Complete a personal spa with the comfortable and hygienic Grohe Sensia shower toilet. With settings for water temperature, jet strength and cleansing mode it enables a fully individualised programme.

GROHE Sensia Arena shower toiletSensia Arena shower toilet
What are the Grohe Spa collections?
For a retreat that’s personalised Grohe offers basin, bath and bidet taps, as well as shower solutions in the Veris, Allure, Atrio and Grandera collections. Based on Grohe’s squircle – a blend of square and circular elements in a harmonious combination – Grandera references both classic grandeur and a modern aesthetic. Prefer the purity of minimalist architecture? Allure offers its striking geometric lines. Alternatively, the appealing lozenge shapes of the Veris collections could be the ideal option for your personal spa, creating a harmonious feel. Or perhaps the circles and cylinders of the Atrio collections offers the fuss-free yet inviting appearance you love?
What about a spa-experience shower?
Grohe’s AquaSymphony ceiling shower is the perfect choice for the rejuvenation zone of a tailor-made retreat. AquaSymphony allows you to create every water effect you might desire. Select from the relaxing droplets of its rain spray, the delicate veil of the AquaCurtain, the energising cascade of Waterfall XL spray, the rejuvenating mist of Drizzle Spray, the refreshment of Pure Spray or the massaging action of Bokoma spray.
For the ultimate ensemble, team the AquaSymphony with Grohe’s F-digital Deluxe shower for a shower and home steam bath that stimulates all the senses. With the digital app the shower’s coloured and dimmable LED light can be controlled, you can invigorate yourself or relax by playing your favourite music, and you can control the intensity of steam.
Which accessories will complete a personal spa?
Consider body and bath care products with organic ingredients to complete your home spa. Grohe’s range contains organic seaweed that’s hand-harvested plus essential oils that will invigorate you. Grohe’s fragrance or scented candle can scent the air with the same refreshing notes. Ensure, too, that towels and bath robes are as sumptuous as the room scheme. Grohe’s range includes bath robes and towels that are wonderfully soft and absorbent.
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