Experience still and sparkling water on tap with GROHE Blue Home

Bottled water is awkward to shop for and bulky to store before it’s used – and when it’s stashed ready for recycling. There’s a way to make life so much easier, though. Filtered still and sparkling water from your own kitchen tap.

GROHE Blue Home

Water to taste
Offering water just how you like it, GROHE Blue Home provides still water, a lightly sparkling version, or a fizzing drink of water from one tap. Simple-to-operate buttons make selection easy, and LED lights on the handle indicate which of the three options will be dispensed. The temperature of the water from the tap can be regulated, too, from 5ºC to 10ºC, for a perfectly chilled drink.
The water’s not just ideal for cold drinks, of course. Filtered still water from the tap will bring out the best in a coffee machine and make beautifully tasting tea.

Modern lines
The slim GROHE Blue Home mixer tap keeps the kitchen uncluttered. Opt for the Duo version for a sleek all-in-one solution. It has separate waterways – one to provide delicious filtered drinking water and the other unfiltered water to meet other kitchen needs. Alternatively, the Mono version can be fitted alongside another kitchen tap to provide a dedicated drinking water station.

GROHE Blue Home

To ensure it perfectly complements the cabinetry and sink design of the room, Blue Home has a choice of spout designs with elegant curvaceous or contemporary angular lines, and an option of brilliant chrome or modern matt SuperSteel finishes.

Space saving
Freeing up cupboard and fridge space, the compact design of Blue Home is suited to even the smallest kitchen. The cooler – which has an integrated filter and carbonator – is hidden in a cabinet and a width of just 30cm is sufficient, leaving only the stylish mixer tap on show.

GROHE Blue Home

Easy care
Maintaining a constant supply of cool still or sparkling water is hassle free, too. Instead of carting home packs of bottles from the supermarket all that’s needed is a carbonator and filter change, which will be indicated in good time. These are simple to swap at the front of the cooler unit, and fresh filters and refill cartridges can be ordered online and delivered to your door.

GROHE Blue Home

For the best-tasting water, the filter removes particles but leaves health-benefiting minerals where they should be. Two different options are on offer with an activated carbon filter for soft water areas to improve taste, or a magnesium+ filter to boost essential mineral levels.

Budget benefits
Still and sparkling water on tap can save on shopping bills as well as time. Compared to buying leading bottled brands, savings of up to 60% on a family’s drinking water costs are possible.
Filtered water on tap has other advantages. Carbon emissions are reduced compared to bottled water, and the GROHE water system customer survey shows that with home filtered water people drink up to 35% more water than those who buy bottled.
Bring still and sparkling water to your kitchen. Find out more here.

Sarah Warwick

Article by Sarah Warwick

Sarah is a freelance journalist specialising in interiors and design. She was Executive Editor of Ideal Home magazine and her features have been published in/on The Guardian, Channel4.com/4homes, AchicaLiving.com, House Beautiful, Homes & Gardens, Country Homes & Interiors, LandLove, Real Homes, Good Homes, Beautiful Kitchens, Homes & Antiques and The English Home.



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