Inspiring you with glamorous bathrooms

No matter what the style of your bathroom, sometimes you want to inject a little glamour. We have rounded up a collection of modern, traditional and rustic bathrooms but all with a glamorous edge. Some feature brass finishes, some marble surfaces and others sumptuous fabrics, but they all feature a key element, a chandelier.

In any room of the house, but in particular the bathroom, a sparkly chandelier says elegance, drama and, above all, glamour. So feast your eyes on these dramatic bathrooms, there is something for everyone.

01-Inspiring You with Glamorous
02-Inspiring You with Glamorous
03-Inspiring You with Glamorous
04-Inspiring You with Glamorous
05-Inspiring You with Glamorous Bathrooms(1)
06-Inspiring You with Glamorous
07-Inspiring You with Glamorous Bathrooms(1)
08-Inspiring You with Glamorous Bathrooms(2)House Beautiful
09-Inspiring You with Glamorous

10-Inspiring You with Glamorous

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Tamsin Allen

Tamsin Allen

Tamsin has a background in design, art direction and advertising and a love for interiors, helping build the Foam & Bubbles brand and managing all their social media channels is a job that never gets tiring for Tamsin. Creating a brand that strives to provide a unique experience with a light-hearted attitude continues to be fun to work.