Make matching a washbasin and taps easy with GROHE

The wonderful selection of washbasins and taps on offer from Grohe makes putting together a bathroom scheme with individual style achievable. A tap that complements the basin is essential for a beautiful scheme, of course, but the fit has to be just right for the design of basin selected, and using it needs to be comfortable. To make pairing washbasin and tap a breeze, Grohe offers BestMatch.

01-Make matching a washbasin and taps easy with Grohe
How does GROHE’s BestMatch work?
If the bathroom design begins with the washbasin, Grohe’s BestMatch can show which of the taps from its extensive range suits the basin in form and function. Fallen for a Grohe tap? In that case, BestMatch can reveal which washbasin designs complement the lines of the tap design.
Whether basin or Grohe tap is the starting point, visiting the BestMatch website will ensure combining is simple and successful. Alternatively, there’s a BestMatch app available for Apple and Android phones.
There are 3,500 individual combinations of washbasin and tap already available on BestMatch, with more to come. Grohe’s own washbasins are featured along with the most sought-after designs from top bathroom brands.
How does I use BestMatch?
BestMatch guides you to possible combinations of basin and tap, whatever the starting point. From the BestMatch website or app, simply click on either the Grohe tap design you’ve chosen; the washbasin type preferred – whether that’s a countertop, integrated, in-cabinet, classic, accessible or hand wash-style basin; or the basin brand you’ve picked.
The site or app will also guide you through other design choices. The shape of each basin type can be defined and, depending on the basin, whether deck or wall-mounted taps are preferred, or if single lever or two handle mixers are required.
Beginning from a Grohe tap design leads to a range of viewable tap and basin options, so you can see exactly how specific basins and taps look together.
Fallen for a particular range of basins from a top bathroom brand? Click on the range and BestMatch lets you see the basins in that range teamed with taps from Grohe.
What’s more, wherever you start with BestMatch, each pictured tap and washbasin combination is graded from one to three stars for design, comfort, water delivery and completeness.
How does GROHE test basin and tap combinations?
The experienced technicians in Grohe’s laboratory ensure that the tap and washbasin combination work technically first. They also assess whether water splashes during hand washing, which is wasteful of water and makes cleaning the bathroom harder work. Comfort and convenience are also vital attributes of a successful bathroom design, so the Grohe technicians assess whether the combination functions maximally for bathroom users.
Of course, the finished bathroom scheme also needs to be beautifully stylish. For this reason all the combinations for BestMatch are evaluated by the Grohe design team headed by Michael Seum.
Every match of washbasin and tap on BestMatch has fulfilled both the technical and design criteria, providing a combination you can trust.

02-Make matching a washbasin and taps easy with Grohe
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