Make the most of bathroom views

The view out of a bathroom window can be as arresting as the actual bathroom. A great view can make a small space seem bigger or can give a larger space a focal point. Here are some tips for making the most of your bathroom view.

Bathroom view
In this narrow bathroom, they have made the most of the elongated space by using a mid-toned wood window frame to draw the eye straight to the freestanding feature bath under the window and the magnificent view. This is further enhanced with graphic lines (in the floor tiles and the basin) that lead to eye to the end of the room.

Bathroom view
The colour and textures palette of this bathroom are even synchronised to the view. The sunken concrete bath matches the rugged stone outside and the dark wood frame matches the rolling hills. A bathroom and view in perfect harmony.

Bathroom view
Who cares how small this shower room is when you have a stunning skyline to look out onto? With simple window frame and slick minimalist finishing inside, all eyes are on that marvellous view outside.

Bathroom view
What could be more exhilarating than showering next to a large window with a breathtaking view? If you are worried about the window getting splashed, hang a simple shower curtain that you can pull in front of the window if necessary.

Tamsin Allen

Article by Tamsin Allen

Tamsin has a background in design, art direction and advertising and a love for interiors, helping build the Foam & Bubbles brand and managing all their social media channels is a job that never gets tiring for Tamsin. Creating a brand that strives to provide a unique experience with a light-hearted attitude continues to be fun to work.



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