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Choosing the right vanity unit for you

by Dorothea Kotte, on Aug 1, 2018 12:09:00 PM

A vanity unit is not only a very personal item - it will also become one of the most-used pieces in your bathroom. So it needs to be considered carefully. It’s very important to choose a unit of the best quality - but the look is also very important. After all, you’ll be looking at it (and yourself in it) for years to come!

double vanity 3
The good news is there is a vanity to suit every need and style. You really are spoiled for choice! You can narrow your options down a little by thinking about who will be the vanity’s main users, and the style of your bathroom.
For example, a family bathroom will need much more storage, while a couple may want a ‘his and hers’ double basin, and a small cloakroom only needs a tiny little basin on the wall.
Once you’ve established what you need from a practical perspective, you can break your choices down further by considering the components of a vanity unit:
Vanity base: The base of a vanity unit usually provides storage space. Shelves, cupboards, drawers, and pull-outs are common options available. If storage isn’t an issue for you, then your base can be more decorative than practical!
Countertop: Above the base is the countertop. These come in a wide variety of colours, materials, and finishes. Most countertops will be hard-wearing and easy to clean - essential, as vanity units have to take a lot of punishment during their lives! Popular materials for countertops include hardwoods and granites, or, if you’re going for a really luxurious look, marble or quartz.
Basins: Basins can be fitted either into or on top of the countertop. They come in a truly enormous range of materials, finishes and styles. You don’t have to go for the traditional white ceramic - you could have a stone basin, or even a basin made of copper!
There are plenty of additional features you can add into your vanity unit. Many people choose to incorporate a mirror, which can either be hung separately or integrated into the unit as a whole. You can also play around with lighting, backsplashes, towel rails, and more!


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Types of vanity units
Single vanity: 
Perfect for a single person bathroom or a small cloakroom, the single vanity unit is a good space-saving option. The width of a single vanity starts at 18 inches, but they can be as large as you want.

Single vanity 1

Single vanity 2


Double vanity:
The more space you have in your bathroom, the easier it gets to have a double vanity. A double vanity includes two basins, and usually has more storage space than single options. It’s perfect for a master or a family bathroom - a vanity unit which can be used by more than one person at once speeds up the morning routine of a busy household!

double vanity 2

double basin vanity

Freestanding vanity:
A freestanding vanity unit gives a feeling of spaciousness, and is very versatile. Freestanding vanity units come in a wide range of sizes and styles to suit every bathroom.

Freestanding 1

Freestanding 2

Freestanding 3

Built-in & fitted vanity: 
Built-in and fitted vanities come as an ensemble that can be fitted to the walls of the room. This option is space saving and gives the opportunity to maximise storage.

Built in 1

Built in 2

Built in 3

Wall-hung vanity:
Bathrooms with a contemporary style often feature wall-hung vanity units. This ‘floating’ impression is both modern and refined (and makes it much easier to clean your bathroom floor!)

wall hung 1

wall hung 2

wall hung 3

Corner vanity:
A corner vanity unit is a great solution for a small or complicated space. With a corner unit, even the tiniest cloakroom can contain a stylish basin.

Corner 1

Corner 2

corner 3

Vanity Styles
Modern & Contemporary: 
Often geometric in style, and frequently wall-hung, modern or contemporary vanity units are frequently enhanced by special features like LEDs. This style offers a great deal of choice.



Modern 3

Traditional & Victorian:
Traditional and Victorian style vanity units are chic and classic. They typically have more detail and embellishments than the sleeker modern vanity units.


traditional 2

traditional 3

Urban & Industrial:
For a more original and raw look, opt for an industrial-style vanity. This ultra-modern look frequently features raw metals and brick.

urban 1

urban 2

urban 3

Country & Rustic:
Rustic units are charmingly simple. Often crafted from unpainted wood, these are beautiful when combined with bathroom plants.

country 1

country 3

country 2


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