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Foam & Bubbles Meets Volevatch

by Johanna Chevallier, on Feb 19, 2018 5:45:00 PM

Foam & Bubbles recently met up with the opulent bathroom brand Volevatch who stole the show in terms of the luxury stakes at London’s Decorex interiors show.
We had a chance to speak with Sibylle Gay and Kyra Algazi to find out how French bathroom chic was going down in London.

F&B - Here are Sibylle and Kyra from Volevatch!
What’s your role at Volevatch?

Volevatch - We work in sales and we represent Maison Volevatch, Kyra in London and England and myself in Southern France.

F&B - Tell us a little about Volevatch brand.

Volevatch - It’s a family brand established in 1975, and what’s very special about the brand is that everything is manufactured within the company, produced with our special knowhow and then sold. All these three things within the same company.
Father, Serge Volevatch, started the company and now Igor, the son, and the daughter-in-law, Nathalie Volevatch, are continuing to promote the beautiful Maison Volevatch all over the world.

F&B - What’s new and what can we expect from Volevatch in the coming year?

Volevatch - This! To help you jump into the bath. Then we have the Sozu collection. We also have 1 or 2 collections which are in development but we can’t tell you anything for the moment. It’s top secret!

F&B - What has been gaining the most attention on your stand this year?

Volevatch -  It’s mainly the Versailles collection. The Versailles collection is a reference to Marie-Antoinette that Nathalie wanted create in order to highlight the knowledge of the Volevatch brand and our team. There is a beautiful energy and spirit within the Volevtach company.

F&B - What is the inspiration and design ethos behind the Volevatch brand?

Volevatch -  It’s handmade, artisanal, it stays within the family and the beauty.

F&B - What’s your favourite design trend right now?

Volevatch - We are coming back to reality, family, authenticity, luxury, nature, everything that brings us back down to earth.

F&B - What one thing you should invest in your bathroom?

Volevatch - Obviously, taps! The Carpe/Lyre which is exhibited here.

F&B - If you could include one thing in your bathroom that wasn’t Volevatch brand what would it be?

Volevatch - Marble flooring.

F&B - Thank you very much for your time.

Volevatch - Thank you and have a nice day.

2-Foam _ Bubbles Meets Volevatch
3-Foam _ Bubbles Meets Volevatch
4-Foam _ Bubbles Meets Volevatch
5-Foam _ Bubbles Meets Volevatch
6-Foam _ Bubbles Meets Volevatch
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