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If you’re fitting a new bathroom, it can be easy to get carried away by the bigger elements of the design, such as the bath or shower, but it’s as important to consider your taps. They might be smaller in scale but they’re the part of the room you’ll probably interact with the most – just think about how many times you’ll turn them on and off during a typical week.

Look for a tap that will last as long as your bathroom suite and be a pleasure to use. Cheap taps online can vary hugely in quality and often end up being replaced a few years down the line, so always buy the best you can afford. Here some other things to consider:

Ondus 3-hole basin mixer by GroheThis Ondus 3-hole basin mixer is wall-mounted to free up space around the bowl, Grohe

Water pressure
This can differ between households and it’s easy to assume that the tap is at fault if your stream of water is more of a dribble than a steady flow. If you have low water pressure, select a tap that’s compatible with a low flow system. An aerator may also help to create a better stream with less water.

Size and design
Especially relevant for basins, the tap needs to suit the size and depth of the bowl so water doesn’t splash out. If your bowl is quite shallow, make sure your tap isn’t too high. Similarly, make sure the tap has enough reach so you can place your hands below it comfortably. Always consider what your tap will be used for – mini versions are available for cloakroom basins, while a wall-mounted bath filler is an ideal way to create a less cluttered feel in a compact bathroom. Grohe’s BestMatch app is a good way to find a suitable tap and basin combination.


Crosswater’s floorstanding Belgravia crosshead bath shower mixerCrosswater’s floorstanding Belgravia crosshead bath shower mixer in nickel oozes traditional luxury with a shimmering modern finish

Most good-quality taps will have ceramic disc cartridges instead of rubber washers. This means there’ll be no drips to keep you awake at night and turning them on and off can be done in one fluid motion, so be sure to check your taps include them. While discs don’t wear out as quickly as rubber washers they don’t last forever, so it’s still worth buying from a reliable manufacturer so you can source a quick replacement instead of having to buy a new fixture.

Materials and finish
Good looks aside, always look for a finish that’s been coated to protect against rust and limescale – this will prolong the lifespan of your tap and ensure it stays gleaming. It’s also worth buying a tap where the body is made from solid brass (though you can choose another finish, such as chrome-plated brass). These usually require the least maintenance and last longer in areas with hard water, which can corrode some metals.

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